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What is Succeedu?

Succeedu is an online subscription-based website that provides learning resources designed to support children in becoming independent learners. Our online workshop also allows you to create learning resources that suit your needs.

What is the workshop?

Finding resources online to use in lessons is very easy these days. However, searching for resources that are specific to your topic or teaching style is not as easy. The Succeedu workshop was created with teachers in mind. Use the same icons and illustrations that are used in succeedu’s resources library and create sheets suited to your specific requirements.

Do I have to publish content I have created on workshop?

No. There is no need to publish resources you have created in the workshop. That is entirely optional. However, if you would like to share your content for peer review and be a part of our growing community you are welcome to do so.

Will other members be able to see my profile?

No. Your profile is private to you and only you. Other members will not be able to see the resources you have created and saved. If you decide to publish and share any of the resources you have created onto the main Succeedu site, then members will see your profile name and be able to review and rate what you have created.

Why have a community?

We are at the very beginning of an exciting new journey at Succeedu. We firmly believe that sharing expertise and ideas have far reaching benefits to everyone who is involved in educating and supporting young learners. Our aim is to evolve and grow this community and we would like you to play a part in raising educational standards.

What if I cannot find the learning resources I am looking for?

We will continue to add resources (success criteria and worksheets) and expand the products that we have available. If you are a gold or platinum member, you can create your own resources at our workshop. Alternatively you can request content to be made through request@succeedu.co.uk

What learning resources can I request?

We will only be able to create resources similar to what are currently available online (success criteria and worksheets). Overtime we will expand our product range and will accept requests inline with our product range.