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About Us

Succeedu Education Ltd was formed in May 2017 with the purpose of providing understandable learning resources that support children in becoming independent learners. Our resources can be used in lessons or at home. Initially a teacher or parent may need to model the examples to support the child, but after a short learning period, children should be able to independently refer to the examples to help them with more challenging tasks. Our journey began with a subscription-based website, www.succeedu.co.uk, for teachers to download resources to use in their lessons. Over time we realised that teachers may want to tailor these resources to suit a particular unit of learning, so we developed the workshop - online software to create and store resources. Since its inception our website has grown to include Maths and English worksheets and online dictionaries. Colour printed versions can be bought at www.succeedu-books.com and other online outlets. Now we are working to build a community of like-minded educators. Come and join us. This is just the beginning…

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Our mission is to provide easy-to-understand, high-quality learning resources for children, parents and teachers. These resources support independent learning in primary aged children.

Vision Our vision is to create an open and transparent educational community, where sharing ideas and supporting others will engender life-long learning in our young global citizens.

Our Community

Our Community At Succeedu, we believe that a strong, open and engaged community of supportive educators has a motivating and empowering impact on the things we do. Join our community and share your expertise. You can comment on and evaluate existing resources created by Succeedu and request new ones. Our Platinum members can also upload their own content to be shared amongst other users. Upload as little or as much as you like. Become a user who develops a reputation for producing useful, high-quality resources. Our vision is to develop and grow into a well-respected community of educators who believe in developing teaching aides that support the development of independent life-long learners.

Global Community The internet and other modern telecommunications have brought people of all walks of life much closer together. At Succeedu, we believe that each person, no matter where they live or what they believe, should have access to teaching and learning. As part of Succeedu’s Mission and Vision, we will endeavor to help and support individuals and communities around the world that struggle to get access to basic education due to poverty, conflict or personal struggles. Succeedu will use some of its profit to help those in need wherever and whenever it can. Updates will be posted here so you can see how we are supporting people from around the world.

Our Environment

Our Environment The natural environment purifies our air, cleans our water, maintains our soil, recycles nutrients, provides us with food and regulates the climate. It is the responsibility of every person on Earth to look after and preserve these ecosystems that keep us alive. We use up a vast amount of natural resources in our daily lives and much of this cannot be avoided. However, there are many choices that we can make which will reduce the negative impact we have on our surroundings. Below are some environmental tips for educators: 1. Laminating: Instead of laminating learning resources, use thick cardboard. It is durable, long lasting and biodegradable. Much better than plastic. 2. Printing: Print only the exact number of copies you need. Sometimes 3 or 4 A4 size copies displayed on tables can be just as effective as copies for each student. 3. Recycling: Any extra success criteria or worksheets you haven’t used? Make them into a reference book to keep as a permanent resource. Alternatively, use any extra sheets as scrap paper, you can never have enough.